Quality Control and Quality Assurance Audits

  1. ABIC has Diversified Experience in Auditing Quality Control and Quality Assurance Programs
    • Members of our staff have conducted numerous assignments in this area.
    • These assignments ranged from simple program reviews to elaborate audits and development of QC/QA programs.
  2. The Assignments Cited Below Illustrate the Depth of Our Experience
    • We audited the quality control and quality assurance system of a major soft drink manufacturer. Our work involved:
      1. Evaluating the documentation
      2. Evaluating in-plant practices
      3. Identifying areas for potential improvements
    • We reviewed the corporate QC/QA plan of a major baked goods manufacturer. We interviewed key management executives and developed a corporate plan which takes into account management objectives and goals.
    • Members of our staff participated in the review of the USDA meat and poultry inspection system. This project was conducted by a multidisciplinary team which included management consultants, physicians, veterinarians and food technologists.
    • We reviewed and modified the quality control and assurance program of a small company which produces perishable products. Our work involved the development of strict tolerances for incoming materials to extend the short shelf life of the products. This company was recently acquired by a major food corporation.
    • We have reviewed the quality control and quality assurance system for a supermarket chain. The purpose of the assignment was to audit the chain's procedure for qualifying suppliers and for checking supplier's performance.
    • We carry out, on a continuing basis, the quality assurance function of one of our major clients. Our activities involve auditing their in-plant quality control procedures, establishing specifications of incoming materials and insuring compliance with these specifications.