Product and Process Development

  1. ABIC Has Broad Experience In Product And Process Development
    • Our staff has experience in the development of many consumer products.
    • The firm's staff holds many patents and has many patent applications pending in diverse areas such as:
      1. Chewing gums and confectionery
      2. Fabricated foods
      3. Salad dressings
      4. Sweeteners and sweetener compositions
      5. Fat replacers and fat sparing agents
      6. Nutritional products and nutraceuticals
      7. Flavors and flavor compositions
      8. Household products
      9. Personal care products
      10. Automotive products
      11. Brake fluid testing

    In accordance with our policies, all rights for these patents have been assigned to our clients.

  2. ABIC's Experience In Food Product And Process Development Covers A Broad Variety Of Products
    • We have evaluated several fat replacers and fat sparing agents, and developed several fat-free or fat-reduced products based on these systems. The products we developed included baked goods, frozen desserts, salad dressings and many more.
    • We have completed an assignment for the development of a consolidated sauce to be used in six Italian frozen entrees.
    • We have developed a shelf stable alcoholic liqueur meeting strict product quality and cost requirements.
    • We have investigated systems for producing reduced sugar/reduced calorie cakes.
    • We have identified several viable systems which could become the basis for a line of new products.
    • We developed a popcorn topping and a process for its manufacture
    • We developed a process for drum drying of fruits without significantly altering the dryer. This process has been commercialized by our client.
    • We investigated and identified several unique applications for a new food ingredient. Two patent applications were filed covering these unique uses.
    • We developed several reduced-calorie frozen desserts using new intense sweeteners and fat mimetic agents.
      We developed a refrigerated whipped yogurt product.
    • We assisted one of our clients in reformulating their meatless entrees to meet U.S. market requirements.
    • We conducted several product development assignments concerned with the formulation of nutritious, medical products.
    • We developed several food and beverage products for physically active individuals.