ABIC Human Testing Capabilities

ABIC International Consultants, Inc. provides its clients with diversified services in product evaluation and testing using human subjects.

  1. ABIC Expert Panel

    The ABIC expert panel consists of individuals who have been screened for their taste acuity. They have also been trained in flavor and texture profiling techniques. This panel is used by many of our clients to fulfill a variety of needs including:
    • Consumer testing
    • Product comparison
    • Advertising claims validation
    • Product development

    In addressing these needs, we use several sensory evaluation techniques such as flavor profiling, texture profiling, difference testing, triangle tests and the like.

  2. Expert Odor Panel

    The ABIC expert odor panel consists of individuals who have been screened for their olfactory acuity, trained in odor recognition and use of odor profiling score sheets. This panel is used in a variety of studies including:
    • Breath studies following a well defined clinical protocol. ABIC expert panelists serve as the judges to determine the level of malodors.
    • Underarm deodorant studies to determine the efficacy of deodorants and antiperspirants
    • Refrigerator deodorizing studies
    • Carpet freshening studies
    • Studies involving the characterization of malodors in order to identify the source of these foreign odors.
  3. ABIC Professional Panel

    This panel consists of between 50 and 60 professional home economists, now housewives and all head of households. These individuals act as naive consumers yet they have the communication skills to clearly convey their feelings about the products. We have used this panel for such assignments as:
    • Evaluation of the packaging of several foods in terms of:
      1. Package functionality
      2. Clarity of use instructions
    • Comparison of a new spread with existing brands for performance and acceptability.
  4. ABIC Small Scale Central Location Testing

    This test consists of naive consumers who are recruited from the immediate geographic area. It is used to evaluate specific product attributes and potential product acceptability.

    The recruiting criteria are determined on the basis of the product and client requirements.

    We are using this test very successfully in:
    • Product comparison
    • Evaluating product reformulation
    • Assessing potential consumer acceptability.

    This test is intended for use by the R&D team to provide direction for needed product improvements. Typical number of respondents is between 50 and 75.

  5. ABIC Consumer Testing

    ABIC has been serving its clients in providing market research services using classical consumer testing techniques. The following services are available:
    • Focus group coordination
    • Home use tests
    • Large consumer panels
    • Specialized consumer panels:
      1. Children panels
      2. Ethnic consumer groups
      3. Others
  6. Taste Evaluation Of Experimental Ingredients

    ABIC has been actively involved in the taste characterization and evaluation of non-approved ingredients such as sweeteners, OTC drugs and surfactants. In these tests, we employ the "sip and spit" method, and we require signed "informed consent" forms from all participants. The protocols for this type of testing are developed by ABIC in cooperation with the client, taking into account the specific safety information available about the compound.

If you require human testing, there is a high probability that ABIC can provide the test you need. Please give us a call.