Company Profile

Recent Success Stories

  1. Develop Vegetarian Burgers
    • Our Client is a mushroom farming company seeking growth in value added products.
    • Client identified mushroom containing burgers as a potential growth area.
    • These products will also utilize excess mushrooms and mushrooms by-products.
    • ABIC's assignment was to formulate three varieties of vege burger.
    • Initial steps involved defining products specifications:
      1. All natural ingredients
      2. Meet nutritional profile
      3. Freeze/thaw stable
      4. Stable for 4 weeks at 50 F
    • We accomplished our clients objectives:
      • Prototypes were developed
      • Consumer test conducted
      • Revised product to meet consumer input
      • Defined packaging working with associates
      • Conducted initial storage studies
      • Identified co-packer
      • Supervised plant trials
      • Developed QC/QA manual
  2. Develop and Evaluate Nutritional Products
    • Clinical trials conducted by our client showed that a specific ingredient combination is effective in controlling and reducing appetite.
    • Our assignment was to formulate good tasting products incorporating these functional ingredients.
    • In addition, we adopted a short version of the clinical protocol.
    • We formulated: