Our Testing Facilities

Description of Facilities

ABIC International Consultants, Inc ( ABIC ) occupies a 10,000 square foot facility in Fairfield, New Jersey. This facility contains the main offices of the firm, a well equipped laboratory, and pilot plant.

ABIC's product development capabilities include:

  1. A central laboratory fully equipped for the formulation of food, pharmaceutical, personal care products and household products. The laboratory equipment includes:
    • A variety of mixers, blenders and other mixing equipment for handling powders, liquids and pastes.
    • Several bench top homogenizers, mechanical emulsifiers, and high speed mixers and blenders.
    • Several laboratory meters for common analysis, such as pH, osmolality, color, absorbance, etc.
    • Bench top packaging equipment under vacuum and controlled atmosphere.
    • A variety of ovens for controlled temperature/humidity studies.
    • Common laboratory equipment for the conduct of routine testing and analysis.
  2. Sensory evaluation rooms meeting ASTM testing requirements and specifications. ABIC's sensory capabilities include expert flavor and texture profile panels, product comparisons and consumer testing.
  3. ABIC's pilot plant facility includes equipment which allows the production of small quantities of products for evaluation. Our pilot plant facility includes the following equipment:
    • Forming and tableting equipment
    • Powder mixing equipment such as ribbon and V blenders.
    • Spray drier
    • Manton Gaulin two stage homogenizer
    • Plate heat exchanger and pasteurizer
    • Colloid mill for emulsion and particle size reduction
    • Freeze drier
    • Ultra filtration processing unit
    • Retort and steam jacketed tanks and kettles
    • Freezing units for ice cream and similar products
    • Blenders for pastes, dough, and heavy emulsions
    • Several ovens for baking and heat processing
    • Deep fat fryers
    • Vacuum and controlled atmosphere packaging equipment
    • Miscellaneous equipment such as tanks, pumps, and fillers.

We believe that ABIC has the facility and the equipment to formulate nutritionally defined products to properly evaluate the effects of ingredients. We also believe that we have the resources to provide the necessary technological input to the program. We feel that our capabilities in sensory evaluation enhances the potential for successfully developing products with high customer acceptance ratings.