Company Profile

Mission Statement

ABIC's mission is to provide its clients with R&D, product comparison and other technically-based consulting services based on state-of-the-art science and technology. We endeavor to provide innovative solutions to technical and quality related problems helping our clients create lasting values.

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History of ABIC

Founded in 1978, ABIC INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS is an outgrowth of FOSTER D, SNELL, a former subsidiary of BOOZ ALLEN AND HAMILTON, INC. Since its inception, ABIC has grown into a multidisciplinary organization, serving the international food, healthcare and chemical specialties industries.


ABIC International's broad based experience and knowledge enables us to provide a wide range of consulting, laboratory and engineering services to our clients. Our staff brings over 100 years of cumulative industry experience and expertise to the firm. This is clearly illustrated by the number of patents issued, the articles authored by our staff and associates, and a clientele consisting of over 90% repeat customers. ABIC's extensive capabilities also include international technical business affairs, regulatory compliance programs and litigation support.


While experience provides the grounding force for our success, it is our team of professionals that enables us to excel. Our multilingual, results-oriented staff includes experts in Food Science, Chemistry, Process Development, Sensory Evaluation, Advertising Claims Validation, Clinical Trials, Marketing Studies, Microbiology, Health Care, Nutrition, Quality Control, Physical Testing, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Automotive Products, Household Products, Chemical Testing and Personal Care Products. In addition, ABIC has fostered associative relationships with experts worldwide, working in conjunction with our staff to ensure the success of our client's projects.

Innovation Is A Feature Of Our Service

ABIC's staff members are the authors or co-authors of over 50 patents, most assigned to our clients. These patents cover a number of product categories and disciplines:

  • US Patent #5,546,716 describes a low fat, low calorie spread.
  • US Patent #4,851,239 describes a shelf stable aerosol dispensable yogurt.
  • US Patent #4,820,528 describes a sweetener composition.
  • US Patent #4,572,836 describes a stabilized herb composition.
  • US Patent #4,481,010 describes a non-corrosive composition for removing soot.
  • US Patent#3,812,268 describes a compressed food product.
  • Several patents on chewing gums and sweeteners


Accredited by Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance, Inc. (AMECA)
Listed in the US Department of Transportation (DOT) web site as a recognized laboratory for brake fluid testing.